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Manufactory quality meets perfect design.

Philosophy of LenzWerk manufakt.

Attention to detail makes the difference.

Whether extravagant, classic or minimalistic, each of our kitchens and furniture is custom-made. In a joint discussion our designers create the unique pieces together with our customers. We start off with a meeting about the overall concept and the special features of the project. Then the materials are selected and the rooms and areas are measured, followed by the production process, assembly, adjustments and final acceptance of the work.

The unique pieces are manufactured in our in-house factory.

Throughout the process, we focus on all aspects of the order to enable an efficient, accurate and perfect final product.

Each cabinet, drawer and worktop is manufactured to the exact dimensions of the customer's home − down to the last millimeter. This makes every piece of furniture as individual as our customers are.

Our partners

To implement our projects, we purchase carefully selected materials and equipment from our qualified partners. By working with great designers, outstanding interior architects and exclusive companies, we are able to offer our customers complete concepts that allow an all-round design of the projects approached to us.

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